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Future Fund Impact Report 2023

30 November 2023, 19:43 UTC

About the Future Fund

Established in 2017, the Future Fund is a unique Under2 Coalition project that was developed not only for its governments but also by its governments. It relies on annual contributions to facilitate climate action in developing and emerging economies by offering direct funding for capacity-building projects, knowledge sharing and access to global climate events in regional languages.


Under2 Coalition - Future Fund Impact Report 2023.pdf

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Date added: 30/11/23

  1. Collaborative empowerment: The report highlights the strength derived from collaboration among subnational governments within the Under2 Coalition, empowering regions by sharing resources and knowledge.
  2. Diverse climate initiatives: It showcases a wide array of climate-focused projects supported by the Future Fund, emphasising its comprehensive approach to addressing climate challenges.
  3. Continuous support is vital: While celebrating achievements, the report underscores the ongoing necessity for sustained funding and support to ensure the initiative's longevity and effectiveness in combating climate change.

The Future Fund is a crucial step in the global fight against climate change.It offers an opportunity for a just and equitable transition to a low-carbon, resilient future. Financing subnational initiatives enables concrete action and fosters a culture of innovation. Our work demonstrates that we can build a sustainable world that meets the needs of both people and planet.

Dr. Champa Patel, Executive Director for Governments and Policy, Climate Group