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Under2 Coalition 2019 highlights report

Report 22 January 2020, 17:24 UTC

The Under2 Coalition is today made up of more than 220 governments, representing 43% of the global economy and 1.3 billion people. Following another landmark year in 2019, the Coalition has once again been recognized as one of the international initiatives with the highest potential for emissions reduction.

This Highlights Report summarizes the Coalition's achievements in 2019 and the work of the Secretariat team at The Climate Group, as well as providing summary of how we plan to focus on delivering impact in 2020 and beyond. 

Key highlights include

  • The first phases of three major new projects were executed - Industry Transition PlatformClimate Pathway Project and Climate Footprint Project.
  • In total, 68 Under2 Coalition governments participated in our projects and peer-learning forums.
  • More than 50 governments attended the Under2 Coalition General Assembly held alongside COP25 in Madrid.
  • We hosted 10 regional member meetings in Australia, Indonesia, India, Europe and the Americas.
  • 77% of all targets in the Global States and Regions Annual Disclosure 2019 were reported by Under2 Coalition members.
  • The Under2 Coalition Future Fund supported transformational projects in Chhattisgarh, Colima, Sonora and Tabasco, as well as 6 peer-learning secondments across the globe and travel for 15 subnational governments to attend our General Assembly.

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