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Under2 Coalition Net Zero Progress Report 2022

Report 16 June 2022, 8:50 UTC

The results of the first analysis of data submitted in 2021 to the Under2 Ambition Tracker have been released today, highlighting the collective commitments and actions of 62 state and regional governments, including 52 members of the Under2 Coalition.

Download the report below to read more.

This report demonstrates momentum among states and regions worldwide, with clear progress on net zero emissions goals and legislation. As ever it also highlights where action is urgently needed to reduce future, damaging temperature rises.

Today’s findings indicate that:

  • The number of states and regions globally reporting regional net zero targets has more than doubled in just one year, from 18 in 2020 to 46 in 2021
  • A third of all regional net zero targets reported are already in legislation
  • When compared with governments that do not have a regional net zero target or published net zero action plan, governments reporting both of these have, on average, most significantly reduced their GHG emissions since base year - with 25% reductions since average base year 1999
  • To help achieve net zero, many states and regions plan to sequester carbon through the regeneration and protection of nature, bringing benefits to people and biodiversity

The report also suggests actions that governments can take to increase their ambition and to ensure there are rigorous processes in place to monitor progress. It urges states and regions to:

  • Develop and publish climate action plans that clearly outline how they will reach their climate targets – over half of reporting governments assessed have yet to publish climate action plans
  • Strengthen their progress monitoring to reassess ambition of targets on a regular basis – just over half of governments with net zero targets reported a process in place for monitoring progress
  • Clarify the extent to which they will rely on removals or sequestration to meet their targets by setting clear, separate targets for mitigation and removals and/or sequestration – only 11 governments reported any specific target for removals, and of these only one could be verified from documentation
  • Clearly define any planned use of offsetting in climate targets and to limit these to a last resort through credible schemes

Initially launched last year, the Under2 Ambition Tracker supports the Under2 Coalition’s refreshed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which commits members to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 or earlier. It is intended to help build a deeper understanding of members’ pledges and progress, as well as to provide transparency and accountability on that progress.