Pathways Framework

The Framework was developed through the Climate Pathway Project, which supports state and regional governments to develop a transformational process, or ‘pathway’, to reducing emissions.


Pathways Framework

The Framework is a 9-step process underpinned by leadership and political buy-in, and strong and transparent stakeholder engagement that has three key outcomes:

  • Define a vision that will guide the pathway development process
  • Identify priority actions with the most potential for economic transformation
  • Implement the pathway and monitor progress towards goals

The process promotes dialogues with local communities, businesses and other key stakeholders about the future they want.

Using the Framework, representatives from Western Cape Government, South Africa, developed a vision for the province’s pathway towards a low carbon and equitable future.

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Pathway Accelerator

The Pathway Accelerator is a package of tailored expert support from the Climate Group and partners to initiate or expedite development of a jurisdictional pathway to decarbonisation. 

The Accelerator supports state and regional government understanding and achievement of one of the three key outcomes of the Pathways Framework. Each package also includes an introduction to the key components and steps required to develop a pathway, and support for a stakeholder engagement approach tailored to the pathways process.

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Download the Pathways Framework

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