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Taking action on zero emission vehicles: Scotland

24 March 2021, 17:15 GMT

Through the ZEV Community’s ‘Taking action on zero emission vehicles’ series, we’ve shone a spotlight on Scotland’s leading commitments and ambition on ZEVs.

The series aims to profile the ZEV policies, targets, and achievements of state and regional governments from around the world.

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Scotland has an ambitious agenda for decarbonising transport, including phasing out the need to purchase new petrol or diesel cars by 2030. The government has committed to almost complete decarbonisation of the road transport sector by 2045 and reducing the number of kilometres travelled by car by 20% by 2030, in line with the vision and priorities of their new National Transport Strategy.

The transport sector is Scotland’s largest source of emissions (31%, 2018), with 68% of these emissions generated by road transport. 

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Earlier this week, Scotland confirmed over £40 million of new funding to support bus operators replace old diesel buses with new electric models, and today announced the establishment of a new academic and industry network for zero emission mobility solutions in collaboration with the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP).

With a commitment to skills development and innovation, Scotland has recently awarded £210,000 to test new ways of improving accessibility across ChargePlace Scotland’s electric vehicle charging network through a Low Carbon Transport Innovation Challenge as well as investing £7 million to support zero emission mobility across two new innovation projects.

Through its support of the ZEV Community and position as Europe co-chair of the Under2 Coalition, Scotland stands out as a climate leader, showing governments around the world the importance of action and its dedication to tackling the climate crisis.


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