Renovation Revolution

Europe needs a renovation revolution. 

Increased deep renovation rates are key to saving energy, cutting emissions and meeting Europe’s climate goals.

Climate Group's Renovation Revolution project brings together companies, sub-national governments and environmental sector NGOs to research and share findings on driving up deep renovation rates in Europe's commercial and public buildings. 

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About the project

In the EU, renovation rates are currently 1% a year, well below the 2.5% recommended by the IEA to reach net zero by 2050. What's more, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. 

With our project partners, we’re working to unleash a renovation revolution in Europe’s built environment, shining a light on the latest energy efficiency innovations and exploring how governments and corporates can scale them up to drive down emissions in European buildings.

Together we are uncovering the barriers and opportunities around increased deep renovation rates in Europe, including financial barriers, regulatory hurdles, and the differing priorities of landlords of tenants. Opportunities include improved health and wellbeing, cost savings, and enhanced energy security. 


Project partners

Our Renovation Revolution project partners are:

Renovate Europe is a knowledge partner on the project.

Renovation Revolution | Julie Kjestrup, Head of Policy and Thought Leadership at VELUX and Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public and Government Affairs at Signify at Climate Week NYC 2023.

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