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Road to Carbon Neutral: Project Framework

Under this project's framework, Colombian departments and regions will be able to identify priority actions with the greatest potential to transform their economies, that at the same time, are consistent with their long-term vision. Although there is no magic formula for decarbonization, the combination of decisions and actions from various sectors (roadmap) will achieve a transformational change in the country. However, for each department or region, the chosen actions might vary.

The objective of this "Decarbonization Actions Catalogue" is to provide an educational tool that presents the actions that can be taken to reduce emissions in the energy and transport sectors in order that subnational governments can adapt these to their specific context.

This catalogue includes a comprehensive list of potential actions for each sector that jurisdictions could include in their pathway to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or increase GHG removals from the atmosphere compared to their "Business as Usual" (BA) baseline scenario. In addition, the Catalogue shows what actions align to the strategies selected by the national government for Colombia's Long Term Climate Strategy (E2050) and the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

We encourage decision-makers to use this tool as a starting point to choose potential actions and visualize what a low-carbon future in the energy and transport sectors could look like, as well as to inform a prioritization process for the development of decarbonization trajectories. Actions can be chosen from the catalogue to mitigate climate change and achieve long-term decarbonization goal