State Climate Fellows

Deploying young, dynamic and experienced climate professionals to drive subnational climate action across India. 

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About the project

The State Climate Fellows initiative has deployed a group of young, dynamic and experienced climate professionals across five states to drive subnational climate action across India.

The Fellows are using their expertise to champion state climate strategies, streamline action and build alignment to national climate goals.

The initiative aims to boost the technical capacity of states; offer opportunities for knowledge exchange and interdepartmental coordination; and explore collaboration between states, external agencies and networks.

Fellows are deployed in the states of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Tripura. 

Meet Garima Chotani:

Garima is our State Climate Fellow for Madhya Pradesh

Garima is is working on NITI Aayog's SuBaH project on the implementation of solar rooftop panels across all states.

Meet Trishant Dev:

Trishant is our State Climate Fellow for Chhattisgarh

Trishant is working with the State Green Council to support initiatives in carbon neutrality, renewable energy and sustainable livelihoods.

Meet Samrat Deb:

Samrat is our State Climate Fellow for Tripura

Samrat is working with the Government of Tripura's Directorate of Biotechnology on an ambitious pilot initiative called "Bio-Village". 

Meet Arundhati Deka:

Arundhati is our State Climate Fellow for Assam

Arundhati is working with the Assam Climate Change Management Society to integrate climate change resilient practices across government programmes and policies.

Meet Tanmoy Mukherjee

Tanmoy is our State Climate Fellow in Bihar

Tanmoy is working with the Department of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Government of Bihar, to contribute to its State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC).

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Our partners

The project is supported by Stichting SED Fund.

We've partnered with Swaniti Initiative, a nonpartisan social enterprise, to deliver the State Climate Fellows initiative across several states in India. 

Swaniti Initiative has expertise in research, programme implementation and technological innovation, and undertakes activities to increase the capacity of politicians, improve governance systems, fight misinformation and improve civic engagement. 

To find our more, please contact

Saurav Chowdhury, Senior Project Officer - Government Engagement, India