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Measuring climate ambition and progress in Under2 Coalition states and regions.

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About the initative

The Under2 Ambition Tracker takes a dynamic approach to data collection to ensure effective monitoring of the Under2 Coalition’s progress to net zero emissions. Data insights are used to inform members of best practice and improve the Coalition’s policies, projects and communications.

A short, targeted survey gathers climate data from across the Coalition while seeking to capture more data directly from the source of publication - enabling the Climate Group to follow key trends and topics more closely and members to benefit from the efficient data collection process.

Insights and analysis developed by the Climate Group will be used to profile the pioneering climate action of Under2 Coalition states and regions and will be accessible to members through an interactive tool, enabling the benchmarking of data against each other.

Governments that take part in the initiative are showing their commitment to transparency and accountability and, ultimately, will be better equipped to understand the risks and opportunities presented by their emissions profiles and improve their emissions reduction strategies.


The Under2 Ambition Tracker survey will soon be open for submissions

The Climate Group has been using climate data to provide a global picture of state and regional ambition and impact for over six years. This year, we’ve revamped our process to provide even greater benefits to our Under2 Coalition membership.

  • We’re taking a more agile and dynamic approach to data collection, meaning it’ll be quicker and easier for members to take part.
  • We’re collecting the data most relevant to progress tracking, aligning with our core areas of work including our ambition shift to net zero emissions.
  • We’ll use the data to respond to demand, provide analysis and create tailored projects and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Transparency is at the heart of the Under2 Coalition, and we encourage all members to complete the short, online survey that covers topics including net zero, pathways and green recovery.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Under2 Ambition Tracker?

The Under2 Ambition Tracker takes a dynamic approach to data collection to ensure effective monitoring of the Under2 Coalition’s progress to net zero emissions.

Ultimately, we want the tracker to provide clear and accessible data on members’ targets, progress and actions that can be viewed and understood by everyone. This contributes to the transparency of our systems but also helps us to provide more targeted support and knowledge sharing of best practices.

Who should take part?

We strongly encourage all Under2 Coalition members to complete this survey to help us create a baseline of climate activities among members. In doing this we’ll be able to understand how the Coalition is aligning with its ambitious goals and where we need to focus our efforts to do more.

How does this initiative differ from the previous years’ Annual Disclosure process?

  • The survey will be tailored to the needs of the Under2 Coalition, seeking to capture the data most relevant to the Coalition and its members. This will help with our overall transparency and accountability as a global coalition.
  • The survey is significantly shorter and has been designed based on feedback to offer more value and service to our members.
  • We will have more flexibility depending on changing global needs and priorities to pivot and access information most relevant to our members. 

For more information, contact

Henry Quintana, Senior Transparency & Pathways Officer, the Climate Group