Baden Württemberg


Joined the Under2 Coalition in 2015
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Net zero government

State or regional governments publicly committed to achieving net zero emissions within their jurisdictions by 2050 or earlier

GDP: US$ 542.93 billion Population: 11 million

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Net zero target by 2040

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Net zero plan in development

Climate leadership showcase


Climate leadership showcase

Baden-Württemberg's climate protection act: making photovoltaic panels compulsory from 2022: As co-founder of the Under2 Coalition, Baden-Württemberg is a champion of climate change policy and action. One of the region’s most promising climate actions is the development of its Climate Protection Act, which now includes a mandate to make photovoltaic panels compulsory on all new non-residential buildings and large carparks from 2022. 

Under2 Coalition Leaders: Baden-Württemberg: For the first of our new leaders' series for the Under2 Coalition, we have been speaking to Minister Thekla Walker from Baden-Württemberg about Germany's climate leadership and the state's priorities for climate action this decade

Online Climate Action Register - Climate Protection ( The Climate Action Register. The responsible ministries are responsible for the measures and their implementation. The ministries are also responsible for the information on the measures in the Climate Action Register.

Political cooperation facilitated through the Green-Black Coalition Agreement, "Now for Tomorrow".