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Joined the Under2 Coalition in 2021
mato grosso do sul

Net zero government

State or regional governments publicly committed to achieving net zero emissions within their jurisdictions by 2050 or earlier

GDP: US$26 billion Population: 2,449,024

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Net zero target by 2050

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Climate leadership showcase


Climate leadership showcase

Mato Grosso have launched their PSA program to protect areas of natural beauty: Standardising payment for environmental services that conserve rivers of scenic beauty

With the signing of agreements, producers can now receive the 1st installment of the PSA of Jardim e Bonito – Institute of Environment of Mato Grosso do Sul ( Campo Grande (MS) – The owners of properties located in the basins of the Formoso and Prata rivers, in Bonito and Jardim, who were selected to participate in the first Payment for Environmental Services Program (PES) of the government of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, signed the agreements in an act held this Friday morning (July 1) and are able to receive the initial installment of the resources.