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State or regional governments publicly committed to achieving net zero emissions within their jurisdictions by 2050 or earlier

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Climate leadership showcase


Climate leadership showcase

TH2Eco Erfurt: The development of a regionally oriented hydrogen infrastructure has an impact on essential areas of industry and everyday life. 

Core areas include:
Generation; by means of wind, photovoltaics and water electrolysis, Green Wind Innovation, BOREAS Energie and TEAG generate green hydrogen - as a basis for the development of a sustainable and regionally oriented energy industry in Thuringia.

Transport, distribution and storage; Ferngas Netzgesellschaft, SWE Netz and Thüringer Energienetze are building a pipeline-based hydrogen infrastructure to ensure the reliable and secure transport and distribution of hydrogen. To this end, existing gas pipelines are being converted to hydrogen at comparatively low cost and new pipelines are being built where necessary. We store hydrogen to make it available regardless of seasonal fluctuations. This includes the conversion of an underground natural gas storage facility to H2 by Thüringer Energie Speichergesellschaft.