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What's at State in North America?


California, United States

"California’s climate leadership has cut emissions, created jobs, catalysed innovation and spurred partnerships around the world.

"We exceeded our 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target four years ahead of schedule, made a historic commitment to require sales of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035, set a first-in-the-nation goal to conserve 30 percent of our land and coastal waters by 2030, took action to phase out fracking and oil extraction, and we're exploring pathways to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2035. 

"And we’re not alone – states and regions are leading with bold goals and policies to help protect us from the worst effects of climate change. Through the eyes of front-line communities around the world, the campaign will show the devastating alternatives that face us if we do not take urgent action. We are making our voices heard because there is no time to lose." - Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

Washington, United States

Québec, Canada


New York State, United States


British Columbia, Canada


Jerry Brown, Under2 Coalition Global Ambassador and Former Governor of California