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We’re working closely with our stakeholders, including our members, regional offices and local partners, to drive action on a global scale to decarbonise the steel industry by 2050 or earlier. 

See below for our priority geographies: Japan, Republic of Korea, China, India, Europe, United Kingdom, and United States.

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Priority geographies


Japan has a proud history of high-quality steel production. But as one of its most polluting industries, it must be decarbonised for the country to achieve its 2050 net zero targets.  

Read more about our work in English and Japanese.

Republic of Korea

Steel is a building block of South Korea’s economy, for domestic use and export. The world’s 6th largest steelmaker can lead on steel decarbonisation if stakeholders across the value chain work together. Read more about our work in English and Korean.


Over 50% of all steel produced globally is made in China, so China must play a critical role in the global green steel transition. 

From our Beijing office, we’re closely collaborating with our members in China, including CIMC TCREA and Hang Lung Properties, who are committed to using 100% net zero steel by 2050 or earlier.


From our New Delhi office, we’re engaging with policymakers and businesses to speed up the decarbonisation of the Indian steel industry. 

We've worked closely with the Department of Economic Affairs, and as part of the B20, to ensure steel decarbonisation was central to the agenda of the Clean Energy Ministerial 14 and India’s G20 presidency. At our SteelZero India Conclave, we brought together stakeholders to drive practical solutions for steel decarbonisation.


We’re working with SteelZero members, like GEA Group and Siemens Gamesa, and policymakers to speed up action to decarbonise steel.

United Kingdom

UK headquartered members of SteelZero include a number of leading players in the construction and property sector. We support businesses like Mace and British Land in their commitment to using 100% net zero steel by 2050 or earlier. 

United States

We're engaging with businesses and government at all levels to drive green public procurement and investment into steel decarbonisation as central pillars of policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act.

Our work also includes bringing together industry leaders and stakeholders to drive forward real action at our flagship annual events, US Climate Action Summit and Climate Week NYC.

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