We're exploring how states and regions can adapt to a changing climate

West Bengal

Climate change is here, now

States and regions are at the forefront of climate action and recognise the need to take urgent action on the crisis. This is why many are already preparing for the worsening impacts of climate change, including through the UN's Race to Resilience campaign.​

However, it's clear that changes are happening, here and now - from extreme heatwaves to extended periods of drought and unprecedented flooding events. And those who have done the least to cause this crisis are often those that feel its worst effects.

Image credit: Debsuddha Banerjee / Climate Visuals Countdown

We’ve had all the warnings we need when it comes to the impacts of climate change – now it’s time to act. That means phasing out fossil fuel extraction and investing in sustainable energy sources to meet demand. Whether it’s extreme floods in Italy or record heatwaves in India, the message couldn’t be clearer: climate change is here and we need to adapt to a new normal. This is true for every level of government, from cities to states, regions and countries. We simply can’t continue to turn a blind eye and pretend there can be business as usual.

Jebi Rahman, Head of Global Implementation, Governments and Policy at Climate Group

Race to Resilience

Race to Resilience is a global campaign – the sibling of Race to Zero – designed to catalyse a step-change in global ambition for climate resilience.