Policy action

Sharing policy innovation and success to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.

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Policy & knowledge sharing

We support the most ambitious state and regional governments around the world to develop and implement climate policies that are consistent with keeping global average temperature increase well below 2°C.

Learning from one another accelerates policy adoption and improves implementation by raising awareness of what has and hasn’t worked around the world. It also builds strong inter-governmental relationships, which can lead to collaborative partnerships.

We make this happen by facilitating government-to-government peer learning and by connecting policymakers to essential information and resources.  

Our policy projects

Methane Project

A forum for state and regional governments around the world to share effective ways to reduce methane emissions, beginning with a focus on the oil and gas sector. 

ZEV Community

Bringing together all levels of government to share and learn about exciting zero emission vehicle (ZEV) initiatives taking place around the world. 

State Climate Fellows

Deploying young, dynamic and experienced climate professionals to drive subnational climate action across India. 

Policy action case studies & publications

We conduct targeted research on global state and regional climate action, innovative climate policy models and global best practices. 

For more information, contact

Libby Ferguson, Director of Policy and Knowledge, the Climate Group