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Six recommendations to increase ZEV ambition

20 May 2022, 16:45 UTC 2 min read

Transport has a huge impact on climate change, accounting for a quarter (23%) of global emissions. 

Whilst great progress has been made to decarbonise the sector, governments need to take more ambitious action to reach net zero.

In the past decade, the global electric vehicle market share has taken a tremendous leap forward. And we expect this trend to grow exponentially. However, to reach net zero by 2030 we need all new light-duty vehicles to be zero emission (i.e., electric and fuel cell). This requires a greater level of commitment and ambition from governments, consumers and businesses.

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Download the report

The ZEV Community has developed a catalogue of key policies to accelerate the uptake of zero emission vehicles. Drawing on extensive published research, this guide identifies the most impactful, high-level actions for governments. It covers:

  1. Setting ambitious phase-out targets 
  2. Implementing vehicle standards and regulations 
  3. Making ZEVs affordable and convenient 
  4. Supporting charging infrastructure deployment 
  5. Increasing public awareness on ZEVs 
  6. Accelerating deployment in fleets and public procurement 

We’ve summarised each action and explained why it’s important, showcasing relevant examples from around the world, and providing resources to explore each policy area in depth.

This report has been developed with the International ZEV Alliance, a co-host of the ZEV Community. The project brings together all levels of government to share policy insights and learn about ZEV initiatives taking place around the world. By exchanging information and experiences, governments are developing the knowledge needed to implement the policies needed to set ambitious targets, convert their fleets and roll-out supportive infrastructure.


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For more information about the project and peer learning activities, please contact Anaisa Pinto, Policy Manager, Under2 Coalition