US policy work

Working in close coordination with EV100 members and US electric transport organisations and initiatives, we are driving forward robust policy advancements across the US federal and state governments.



In 2021, we launched the EV100 US policy paper in partnership with EV100 members that have significant operations and EV100 commitment in the US. Since then, this growing group of members is driving forward policies to advance EV supply, demand and charging with a topline goal to achieve 100% new zero emission vehicle sales in the US, ideally by 2030.

EV100 US Policy Paper
EV100 Global Policy Paper

Our policy activities

Supporting the Transportation & Climate Initiative

We're promoting the Transportation & Climate Initiative, a major cap-and-invest program aiming to cut transport emissions and boost the EV market across Northwestern and Mid-Atlantic States. 9 EV100 members also supported the MOU, released in Fall 2020.

You can read more about this here.

Advocating for bold US federal fleet conversion

EV100's proposal calling upon federal and corporate fleet electrification commitments supplement with a zero-emission vehicle sale target for new passenger vehicles by 2030 was selected as a top 3 proposal sent to the White House as part of the CLEEN project. CLEEN is a database of clean economy employment opportunities, sourced from top executives and policy experts in the US.

You can read more about the project here.

Supporting the restoration of California's waiver privileges under the Clean Air Act

We submitted formal comments in support of reinstating California's waiver privileges under the Clean Air Act and the rescission of SAFE-1 action. Restoring California's ability to set its own vehicle emission standards that other states can adopt is pivotal for states to push ahead with more ambitious clean car initiatives to achieve 100% zero-emission sales for new vehicles.

You can read our response to news that President Biden will reinstate the waiver here.

Supporting strong federal vehicle standards for new passenger vehicles

We're actively supporting the implementation of new, robust passenger vehicle standards to achieve 100% new zero-emission vehicle sales, ideally by 2030. One effort along this involved EV100 and the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) partnering to send a member-based letter to the Biden Administration demonstrating support for such vehicle standards. Read our thoughts on EPA’s latest clean car standards here, and the new CAFE standards here. We continue to engage as the Administration considers further regulatory actions on vehicle standards.

You can read more about this action here.

Calling for long term light duty vehicle standards

We've written to President Biden urging for long term light duty vehicle standards to be set as soon as possible. 

The letter is supported by EV100 members Lyft, IKEA, PG&E and Electric Company and Clif Bar & Company.

You can read more about our letter here. 

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