The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Challenge

For the first time, state and regional governments, cities and businesses representing millions of dollars in purchasing power have united to accelerate the global manufacture of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV), and signal an endgame for fossil-fuel vehicles.

the zero emissions vehicle challenge
ev cars charging

The scale of opportunity is bigger than we’ve ever seen before as businesses, cities, states and regions, and NGOs unite – bringing together global purchasing power for electric and other clean vehicles

The ZEV Challenge asks leaders in the automotive industry to signal an endgame for fossil-fuel vehicles and drive forward progress towards a clean future.

Within just one year, over 60 states, cities and businesses have committed to the targets contained within the #ZEVChallenge. The governments represent a population of over 237 million and the businesses have a combined revenue of over half a trillion US dollars.

The ZEV Challenge is now being supported by a number of states and regions, businesses and cities.