In mid-2022, international non-profit Climate Group opened a new European office based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The name of the non-profit Foundation (Stichting) is Climate Group Europe.

Climate Group is headquartered in London and it also has offices in Beijing, New Delhi and New York. Its mission is to drive climate action, fast, focusing on systems such as energy, transport, built environment, heavy industry and food.

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Over the past year, Climate Group Europe has established with a small core staff capacity. In the coming year, the priorities for the European team are to grow, and to expand Climate Group’s programmes on electric vehicles (EV100), renewable electricity (RE100), energy efficiency (EP100), steel (SteelZero) and concrete (ConcreteZero). The team is also building coalitions of business and subnational governments to target issues in the food supply chain. Within the Under2 Coalition, for which Climate Group is Secretariat, the European team look to work more extensively with key policymakers and leaders at the subnational level, with national governments and the EU to drive climate action.

Climate Group Europe aims to maximise the impacts of its work by delivering through partnerships, policy and research. The recently opened Europe office will allow for new opportunities to be created to quicken the pace for emissions reductions in the region.

Further details of the objectives, activities and policies of Climate Group Europe can be found in the policy plan (PDF).

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Organisational details

Statutory name: Stichting Climate Group Europe
Public name: Climate Group Europe
RSIN/fiscal number: 864278093
KvK number: 87378426
Address: Haarlemmerweg 331A, 1051LH Amsterdam
Email: [email protected]

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the day-to-day affairs with regard to the functioning of the Foundation. The Board Members are appointed for a maximum period of three (3) years, following which a Board Member is eligible to be reappointed after lapse of this period. The Board Members are:

  • Maria Anna Julia van Keep
  • Jeroen Gerlag
  • Helen Clarkson


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Financial arrangements

Climate Group Europe is a non-profit making organisation, and its income will be used solely to achieve its objectives.

Remuneration Policy:

The members do not receive compensation for their board duties or a fixed expense allowance.

Further details of the remuneration policy, recruitment of funds, spending policy, and other financial matters can be found in the Climate Group Europe policy plan (PDF).

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Contact us

Climate Group Europe

Haarlemmerweg 331-333 (A)

1051 LH Amsterdam

The Netherlands

[email protected]