In July 2022, we opened a new European office based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Headquartered in London, we also have offices in Beijing, New Delhi and New York.

Our mission is to drive climate action, fast, focusing on systems with the highest emissions, including energy, transport, built environment, heavy industry and food.

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Our focus

Priorities for the European team will be to expand our business programmes on electric vehicles EV100, renewable energy RE100, energy efficiency EP100, steel SteelZero and concrete ConcreteZero. They will also focus on building up our work with coalitions of business and subnational governments to target a range of issues within the food supply chain. Within the Under2 Coalition of states and regions, for which Climate Group is Secretariat, the European team will look to work more extensively with key policymakers and leaders on the subnational level, with national governments and with the EU to drive climate action.

We have always worked in close proximity with European subnational governments and businesses from the headquarters in London. The new Europe office will allow us to develop and extend these networks and relationships, creating new opportunities to quicken the pace for emissions reductions in the region.

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Board members

Jeroen Gerlag
Helen Clarkson
Marianne van Keep

Jeroen Gerlag Climate Week NYC 2022

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