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ZEV Community kicks off a new phase of activities

7 June 2022, 11:11 UTC 2 min read

Ambitious targets require innovative action.

Governments and businesses set their ambitions high at COP26. If we are to achieve our net zero goals by 2050, it is essential to decarbonise the transport system as soon as possible.

Since its inception in 2018, the ZEV Community has been building momentum on low carbon mobility and increasing its global reach, impact and ambition. To date, the project has reached 126 governments at all levels and over 500 individual participants to share best practice, align policy and create the partnerships needed for success. 

Over the past year we’ve achieved a lot:

  • Showcasing government ambition – we’ve shone a spotlight on governments leading action on ZEVs, through ambitious policies and targets.
  • Gaining and sharing insights   – we’ve been “Talking ZEVs” with governments to gain a first-hand insight on the benefits and opportunities with ZEVs.
  • Webinars – we’ve brought together experts and businesses to share best practice, knowledge and fresh perspectives.
  • Case studies – we’ve highlighted the important work governments are doing on equity and awareness raising through pilot projects.
  • Collaboration  – we’ve united governments through Peer Learning Forums, providing them with the opportunity to collaborate and share in depth knowledge.

To respond to the global climate emergency, we need new global partnerships and collaboration to rapidly accelerate the shift to zero emission transport. I’m pleased that Scotland is leading the way in this area by supporting the work of Climate Group through the Zero Emission Vehicle Community. Together, we will raise ambition, share learning and ensure as many people, communities and businesses play their part in, as well as benefit from, the transition to a net zero transport system.

Jenny Gilruth, The Scottish Government Minister for Transport

We will continue to raise ambition and action. 

Thanks to the generous support of Transport Scotland, ClimateWorks Foundation and the Government of Québec, we’re excited to be continuing the project for another year. 

We will advance our work with governments to accelerate the transition to ZEVs alongside our co-host, the ZEV Alliance, and our partners C40 Cities and the US Climate Alliance, building on our success from the past years to expand our reach and impact.

And we will continue to raise ambition and action across states, regions, cities and countries, along with strengthening collaboration between governments and businesses.

The world’s transition toward sustainable mobility is essential to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. This can only be attained with a high level of collaboration between all actors of our societies.

The ZEV Community contributes to the necessary discussions to this effect which will improve knowledge sharing and accelerate the transformation of the transport sector. Quebec is proud to be an active player in this international community!

Benoit Charette, Minister of the Environment and Fight Against Climate Change, Government of Québec

Find out more:

If you would like to learn more about the ZEV Community and / or support our project activities, alongside Scotland, ClimateWorks Foundation and Québec, then please contact: Anaísa Pinto, Policy Manager, Climate Group.