Accelerating the electric vehicle transition in Japan

While global momentum towards zero emission vehicles is rising, Japan has so far been lagging behind. Stronger government ambition is needed to reduce road transport-related emissions and ensure that Japan plays a leadership role in the global EV transition.  


Accelerating the transition to zero-emission vehicles in Japan

Working with Japan-based Japan Corporate Leaders Partnership (JCLP) and with the support of EV100 members, we’re calling for clear ambitious targets to pave the way for the ZEV transition in Japan. We’re asking that ambition is legislated for and accompanied by the policies and measures that will support businesses to play their role in leading the EV transition in Japan.  

The Japanese political context

Japan is a crucial market for the EV transition due to the international influence of its automotive sector, and so far has lagged behind other major automotive producing nations in the embrace of EV technologies. 

OEMs like Toyota and Honda are beginning to adjust their strategies towards stronger EV ambitions, while international manufacturers such as BYD are announcing their entry into the Japanese market increasing competitive pressure. Despite this, progress in Japan remains too slow. 

We’re building momentum, by championing first movers amongst businesses and sub-national governments who support an accelerated EV transition in Japan.  

Our policy position in Japan

In partnership with JCLP, we have brought together the policies needed to drive EV uptake in Japan. Together, we are calling for: 

  • Government to set clear targets accompanied by specific investment plans, that will promote the ZEV transition in Japan 

  • Subsidies to support uptake of ZEVs and installation of charging infrastructure 

  • Ensure there is a plan in place to deliver a comprehensive, reliable and affordable network of chargepoints across Japan. 

You can read out position paper in English here, and in Japanese here.

Japan and the global transition to zero emission vehicles - May 2022 Report

In 2021, we commissioned independent reports from two expert researchers on the current status of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) in Japan and the economic impacts of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) for the Japanese automotive industry. You can read the report here

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