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Champa Patel

Executive Director for Governments and Policy

Champa Patel, Executive Director for Governments and Policy

Champa Patel is the Executive Director for Governments and Policy, which includes leading on the strategy, development and growth of Climate Groups work with subnational and national governments, including the Under2 Coalition, and international institutions. She also leads on the organisation's policy development and advocacy strategies.

Most recently, Champa was Director of Innovation and Deputy Director of the Future of Conflict Program at the International Crisis Group. In this role, she was responsible for research and advocacy on climate, technological and the economic aspects of conflict. Before this, Champa was Director of the Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House, managing policy research on the region. She has also worked at Amnesty International, as Regional Director for the South Asia, and Southeast Asia and Pacific Offices and as Global Director for Campaigns, overseeing human rights policy, research and advocacy.