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Climate Group - Kearney joint report: cross-border fleet electrification

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Moving toward improvements in sustainable transport and the electrification of fleets, the cross-border traffic between Mexico and the United States makes for an ideal pilot program.

Executive summary:

As we enter the climate decade, the electrification of the world’s heavy-duty shipping fleet will need to be an essential aspect of any larger strategy to fight climate change. Within the United States, the single largest contributor of greenhouse gasses (GHG) by sector is transportation. Twenty-eight percent of GHG emissions come from transportation and 23 percent is driven by medium- and heavy-duty freight vehicles. Climate Group identified shipping on the border between the United States and Mexico as an ideal study case and potential candidate for electrification. 

Climate Group engaged Kearney, a leading global management consulting firm, to understand the barriers to cross-border, heavy-duty fleet electrification. Interviews, surveys, and sophisticated analyses led to insights on emissions, barriers to change, and steps to move initial toward recommended actions moving forward.

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Check out and download the executive summary of the Cross-Border Fleet Electrification Report below:


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Date added: 06/12/23

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