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Intersectional Environmentalist logo lockup, text on right: An Earth Month Virtual Summit by Intersectional Environmentalist April 24,2021

The Future Is: The IE Earth Month Virtual Summit

Apr 24 2021, 18:30 BST - Apr 24 2021, 22:00 BST

Apr 24 2021, 13:30 EDT - Apr 24 2021, 17:00 EDT

Hosted by Intersectional Environmentalist

The Future Is: The IE Earth Month Virtual Summit will highlight diverse voices paving the way towards climate justice, while providing attendees with context, insight + support to start their own journey of intersectional environmentalism in their communities + beyond.

Historically, conversations around environmentalism have focused heavily on promoting conservation efforts and unfortunately, dismiss the Black, Indigenous and communities of color who are facing environmental injustices around the world. Through this summit, we hope to illuminate that an inclusive, systemic approach to environmentalism is possible. Our programming will foster an exploration of nuanced perspectives, and ensure that all voices are heard along the way.

The programming of this summit includes activations + learning sessions that prioritize the following:
centering + amplifying the realities of environmental racism on frontline communities
shedding light on the ways BIPOC cultures have historically coexisted with + honored natural ecosystems
empowering the next generation of intersectional environmentalists by hearing directly from leaders in this space

These conversations, panels + workshops will be led by a handful of environmental justice activists, writers, organizers + friends of IE who are paving the way towards authentic + holistic justice for all people. The Summit will bring the IE community to a common level of understanding + facilitate the unlearning of shortsighted narratives about environmentalism.