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Under2 Coalition General Assembly

Nov 7 2021, 08:30 UTC - Nov 7 2021, 15:30 UTC

The Under2 Coalition General Assembly comes at a pivotal time. We are now firmly in the Climate Decade and are seeing first-hand the devastating impacts of climate change, from widespread flooding events to news that the Amazon rainforest now emits more carbon dioxide than it stores.

Across the world, as the impacts of a changing climate are being felt, those living in low-income countries are at least four times more likely to be displaced by extreme weather compared to their counterparts in advanced economies. This is now an emergency and we have to act, fast

At the same time, the opportunities associated with the benefits of acting on climate - creating new jobs, and the clean and healthy communities of the future - are bigger than ever. The cost of inaction, too high. 

The Under2 Coalition General Assembly, and COP26, will serve as an ideal moment for subnational governments to be heard on climate change. It is a unique opportunity not only to share your knowledge and first-hand experience but to show the ambitious laws and policies you have implemented and to challenge the international community to play its part. 

During this year’s General Assembly on Sunday 7th November, Under2 Coalition states and regions will showcase their plans for urgent 2030 action, building up from their efforts on green recovery. It will be attended by Governors, Premiers and Ministers of the Coalition either in person, or virtually. As per usual, there will also be a meeting of the Under2 Coalition Steering Group shortly before the formal start of the General Assembly. Our five regional co-chairs will then then lead discussions with all members, supported by the Secretariat team at the Climate Group. 

This year, the Under2 Coalition General Assembly will aim to:  

  • Demonstrate a critical mass of high ambition states and regions (Net Zero Leaders)  committed to action as part of the Under2 Coalition's Net Zero Futures Initiative as well as in  line with the new climate leadership MOU. 
  • Set the 2030 agenda for transformative climate action, starting with setting strong objectives  for action in 2022, and ahead of COP27. 
  • Convene the global Under2 Coalition community to assess key opportunities and needs of  states and regionals across the world.