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Chris Edmund, Senior IT Manager, UK

30 November 2023, 15:43 UTC 2 min read

*This interview is part of our Climate Group employee interview series where we ask people to share their experience of working at Climate Group and what a regular day looks like in their role.

Why Climate Group?  

After leaving my previous role of nine years, I wanted to continue my career, but also feel like I was making a change. The opportunity at Climate Group aligned my passion for the environment and the need for climate action. The organisation's mission to promote and accelerate the transition to net zero allowed me to contribute my IT expertise toward a meaningful cause.

What does a regular day for you as a Senior IT Manager look like?  

As an IT Manager, my typical day involves overseeing the organisation's IT infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations, and addressing any technical issues. This includes collaborating with the team to implement and maintain secure and efficient systems. Additionally, I work alongside the Head of Technology on strategic IT planning to support Climate Group's mission effectively. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Climate Group?  

The most rewarding aspect of working at Climate Group is knowing that my role directly contributes to the organisation's efforts in driving climate action. The collaborative and passionate environment, coupled with the shared staff commitment to sustainability, creates a fulfilling workplace. 

What have you learnt from working at Climate Group?  

Working here has broadened my understanding of the breadth, barriers, and opportunities within the climate space to drive action and spark progress. I've gained insights into the intersection of technology and environmental initiatives - reinforcing the importance of innovative IT solutions in achieving sustainability goals. 

Who or what inspires you in your line of work?  

The dedication and commitment of my colleagues at Climate Group inspire me daily. Witnessing the collective efforts of individuals who are deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the environment reinforces my belief in the transformative power of collaborative action. 

How do you stay motivated to keep driving climate action, fast?  

The urgency of the climate crisis is a constant motivator. Knowing that every action we take, including the advancements in IT infrastructure and technology, contributes to a more sustainable future keeps me focused and committed. The sense of responsibility to drive change quickly and efficiently is a powerful motivator in our pursuit of climate action.