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Climate Group against approval of new Cumbria coal mine

8 December 2022, 9:13 UTC 2 min read

Climate Group is opposed to the UK Government's approval of the new coal mine in Whitehaven, Cumbria. Through our SteelZero initiative, we know that the UK steel industry is committed to a net zero steel trajectory by 2050.

This decision to open a new mine comes just one month after the UK Government formally handed over its COP26 presidency to Egypt at the UN conference. Not only does this move undermine the country’s leadership on climate change but it also threatens the world’s ability to limit global warming to 1.5C as coal is one of the most polluting energy sources.

Last year, a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) found that no new fossil fuel development could happen if we’re to stay below the level of 1.5C warming. As a purported climate leader, the UK should be leading the charge on implementing that, not contradicting it just weeks after the last global climate summit.

Jen Carson, Head of Industry at Climate Group who leads on our SteelZero initiative shares her reaction:

“The proposal to open this new coal mine is at odds with the steel sector, and the UK Government’s net zero pledge. The trajectory of the steel industry is clear – businesses are committed to buying and using responsibly produced steel, driving the decarbonisation of the industry over the next decade.

SteelZero members are leading the charge by signalling to their supply chains that they need low emission steel. Every purchasing decision, every investment decision – and every policy decision, must have climate front and centre.”