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Africa Climate Summit

Climate Group responds to Nairobi Declaration

7 September 2023, 12:30 UTC 1 min read

Following the publication of the Nairobi Declaration, Champa Patel, Executive Director of Governments and Policy at Climate Group, said:

“Countries in Africa face the most extreme climate change impacts, but they are only able to access a fraction of the funds needed to adapt to them. The Nairobi Declaration marks a welcome step in calling for a global system that addresses this unjust and deadly imbalance, and recognises the critical opportunity to leverage Africa’s development to achieve climate goals. 

"The devil, however, is always in the detail and the implementation. We will push for concrete actions at COP28 that meet the needs of the present and the future, in equitable terms. States and regions of the Under2 Coalition stand ready to support multilevel action to implement urgent solutions to the most critical issues of our time. Not tomorrow, not down the line, but here and now.”