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Consumer perception survey

Consumer survey – Delivery fleets and EV transition in six Indian cities

6 September 2022, 4:54 UTC 1 min read

Climate Group, with partner organisations from the Sustainable Mobility Network (SMN), have together published a consumer perception report titled ‘Consumer Survey – Delivery Fleets and EV Transition in Six Indian cities’ on September 5, 2022. 

  • The survey commissioned by SMN and conducted by CMSR Consultants surveyed 9048 consumers across 6 major cities in India - Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.
  • It shows that 78% of all respondents attributed last-mile delivery vehicles as one of the reasons for rising air pollution. 
  • 67% of all respondents support a switch to EV vehicles by delivery companies to reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change.

To know more about the findings, please download the report here: Indian Consumers Demand Accelerated EV Transition From E-Commerce & Delivery Companies to Address Air Pollution - Clean Mobility Shift


"It is time that all e-commerce and food companies find cleaner ways to deliver goods. The survey clearly shows that two out of three consumers acknowledge that the goods they purchase add to air pollution and are responsible for climate change in some way. Consumers believe that companies can do more by proactively switching over to electric vehicles for delivery. While prominent companies like Flipkart and Zomato have announced a massive shift to 100% electric vehicles by 2030 in line with EV100, state policies in India have now started introducing mandates. Soon, delivery companies will have no choice but to change. Most brand-conscious businesses will respond to consumer opinion, the only question being when and how soon - the report is categorically clear on what consumers want."­

Atul Mudaliar, Head of Business Action, India, Climate Group