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Electric fleet initiative EV100 surpasses 100 members

27 January 2021, 0:00 UTC 1 min read

Today the Climate Group celebrates the milestone of securing global action on electric vehicles from over 100 leading businesses through EV100. In addition to welcoming our latest joiners, we want to take this moment to recognise all our members and the ambitious commitments they have made. 

Collectively, these businesses have committed that:

  • Their business fleets will be electric by 2030 – that’s 4.8 million vehicles worldwide
  • Charging points will be installed for their staff and customers – at 6500 locations globally

New joiners today include Coca Cola European Partners, Ground Control, Siemens, Sky and Zurich.

Head of EV100, Sandra Roling, says: “Today is a really special day for us. We are very proud of our members, and I hope that the leadership demonstrated by these businesses encourages many more to join. 


“The members of EV100 do not just set an example for their peers – they also show policy makers and manufacturers which way the wind is blowing. Policy makers can see that a significant part of the business community is already committed to electric fleets, giving them confidence to move forward state and national level phase out ambitions. And manufacturers can clearly see that the demand for electric vehicles is already there. We now need suppliers to meet it.”

Search for the #EV100 hashtag on Twitter to see our members and partners celebrating the news.