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Faryal Gohar, Project Manager, Governments and Policy, UK

8 February 2024, 16:42 UTC 3 min read

*This interview is part of our Climate Group employee interview series where we ask people to share their experience of working at Climate Group and what a regular day looks like in their role.

Why Climate Group?  

With an academic background in sustainable and international development, and a career focus on global development and climate change, I found an ideal fit at Climate Group. Here, I contribute to multiple bilateral projects for subnational governments globally. 

The global impact of Climate Group's work within the governments and policy domain is truly inspiring. As a Project Manager for the Governments and Policy team, I oversee a diverse portfolio of projects on a global scale, allowing me to make a substantial contribution to the mission. 

What does a regular day for you as a Project Manager look like? 

At Climate Group, we're results-focused, and what I enjoy most is the autonomy to steer my own work. As a Project Manager overseeing projects across diverse geographies, effective time management is key. Coordinating with regional teams and stakeholders from India to Latin America demands agility and adaptability. 

The pace is dynamic, and each day brings a unique set of challenges. Having the flexibility to plan my week allows me to find a balance between online meetings, report writing, and engaging with stakeholders. I’m also able to prioritise my well-being through yoga, swimming lessons, or walks along the River Thames, which ensures I'm in the best mindset to deliver quality projects. 

Flexibility allows me to make each day uniquely mine. I find this aligns with the Climate Group's culture of empowerment and results-driven collaboration. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Climate Group? 

Everything about working at Climate Group brings me immense joy – from the meaningful work, the incredible people and the vibrant environment. My role is not just a job, it's a reflection of who I am. Contributing my knowledge and experience to collaborate with subnational governments globally, working towards achieving net-zero and resilient societies in their jurisdictions, is truly fulfilling.  

But it's not just about the projects, it's the people and the unique culture at Climate Group that make every day special. Our team is not just colleagues, we're a community – we love cakes, we bake, share, chat, laugh. The beautiful workspace at the heart of London feels like a second home. Our Operations Manager, Tereza, has created a warm and inviting office space, making the environment conducive to both productivity and comfort. And here's a little secret – we get the best supply of coffee from a local roaster in London!  

What have you learnt from working at Climate Group?  

In delivering the Climate Footprint Project as a global project lead through the International Climate Initiative, I gained substantial insights into managing complex projects that required collaboration with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders. The tremendous support from internal teams, and the amazing work delivered by the technical partners and project team played a pivotal role in the project's success.  

After the project's completion, I transitioned to overseeing a portfolio of multiple projects for the Governments and Policy team. This role continues to be a rich source of learning as I navigate working across diverse geographies and each day presents a new challenge. 

Who or what inspires you in your line of work?  

My deep love for food and nature, expressed through cooking, baking, and appreciating fresh produce, drives my commitment to a world that is just and fair. I envision universal access to clean drinking water and food, where everyone can enjoy the same love for food that I cherish. A future that is both food and water secure, achieved through fast climate action, is the focus of my work – a step towards ensuring a secure and sustainable world for present and future generations.