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Gillian Ertel, Program Manager, North America

23 May 2023, 14:21 UTC 2 min read

*This interview is part of our Climate Group employee interview series where we ask people to share their experience of working at Climate Group and what a regular day looks like in their role.


Why Climate Group? 

Climate Group allows me the flexibility to create my own path professionally while pursing my passions within the climate realm. I love working for a global organisation and the opportunities that come with that. As someone who worked in the transportation industry prior to my work at Climate Group, I love being able to touch base with my passion of sustainable transportation while expanding my portfolio in climate finance, resilience, mitigation, and even dabble with private sector initiatives. Also, Climate Week NYC is awesome.  

What does a regular day for you as a Program Manager in North America look like? 

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings! No, but I love meeting with sub-national governments to understand their biggest challenges in terms of acquiring federal funding to meet their climate ambitions. My day-to-day also includes managing projects, doing research, and talking with governments - and I love it. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Climate Group? 

The people! I don’t know how we managed to get the coolest group of people all to work in one place, but we did it. The executives within the organisation are approachable and relatable which is awesome. I never feel uncomfortable expressing myself and feel like my personality can shine while maintaining a sense of professionalism. I think everyone would agree with that. 

What have you learnt from working at Climate Group? 

So much about climate finance and how important it is to reach our climate goals. Without investment in climate initiatives, we cannot get anywhere - it's the first step to reaching net zero. 

Who or what inspires you in your line of work? 

My girlfriend and my love of vegetables. I want them to have a habitable future! 

How do you stay motivated to keep driving climate action, fast? 

My family back in Florida. Growing up with “hurricane season” and seeing these storms progressively getting worse as time goes on shows that we need to move fast. With progressive climate policies and investment in the right places, we can drive this action forward, and I want to be a part of this change.