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Speakers at H.eco Forum

Head of RE100 sets out business case for renewable electricity at H.eco forum in South Korea

11 June 2021, 12:02 UTC 2 min read

Last week Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, spoke virtually from the UK at the H.eco forum in Seoul, South Korea. Kimmins explained that renewable electricity is now one of the most effective and cheapest ways for businesses to source electricity. He urged the South Korean government to refine renewable electricity policies to make renewable electricity cost effective and put it on a level playing field with traditional fossil fuels.

In a recent interview with the Korean Herald, Kimmins set out the challenges for RE100 members in Korea, “The South Korean market for renewables is still in its infancy and so it can seem challenging for companies to make a commitment to 100 percent renewables without a clear pathway.

“If this continues in the long term, it will place South Korean businesses at a competitive disadvantage and unable to benefit from the investment and job creation associated with the corporate renewable electricity movement,” he added.

Kimmins went onto say, “We are on the right track -- but we need to move a lot faster. The decade to 2030 will be critical in determining whether we win the climate fight or lock-in dangerous climate change.”

This first H.eco forum brought together businesses, policymakers, scholars and climate activists to discuss climate action, under the theme ‘We Face the Climate Clock’. In honour of this theme, a climate clock was placed on the roof of the Herald Corp’s building in the centre of Seoul in May, counting down the years, days and minutes left to avert the climate crisis. Highlighting the urgency for effective climate action.

Watch a recording of the full event, Sam Kimmins’ talk is at time signature 4:35:19