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As India faces a new wave of COVID19, addressing climate change will remain key to building resilient systems says Divya Sharma, India Executive Director, Climate Group

30 April 2021, 10:57 BST 2 min read

Divya Sharma, India Executive Director, Climate Group

India is currently facing unprecedented times during the pandemic, especially as the country reels under the fierce new wave of COVID-19. We understand that the path to recovery from this new wave of COVID is going to be a big task for India.

A massive investment of resources will be required to transform dated systems and build resilience across sectors. Additionally, we will have to navigate those barriers created by structural inequalities widely prevalent in the country and those that will emerge. It is in times like these that renewed commitments and forging action-oriented, powerful partnerships become crucial. 

With only 6 months to go for COP26, global attention will be on India - the third largest carbon emitter, and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Business action on climate will remain key for India to step up its ambition on its NDCs and align with a trajectory of 1.5°C. Engagement with Indian companies is therefore critical to setting India on this ambitious decarbonisation path.

The India’s Road to COP26 Summit scheduled to take place on 5th May will bring together Indian businesses, experts and government interested in driving forward clean and resilient growth for India. We hope to unpack critical sectors of industry, energy, and transport to drive deep decarbonisation as India witnesses growing technical capabilities in these areas. With strong political backing, unwavering investment and a propensity for innovation and change, we hope to offer a safe future even in the most uncertain times.

Join us in accelerating business ambition and action on climate and influence what change will look like in India this year.

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