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RE100 Forum at Climate Week NYC

Learning and celebrating with RE100 members at Climate Week NYC 2022

5 October 2022, 14:53 UTC 3 min read

After an in-person hiatus for two years, we were delighted to once again welcome members to meet at this year’s Climate Week NYC. Companies were invited to attend two key events – RE100 Members’ Forum and RE100 Leadership Awards – providing an excellent opportunity for corporates to connect with both the RE100 team and their peers.

An update on strategy, spotlighting four geographies, and key learnings from members

2022 marked the fifth year of the RE100 Members’ Forum – a meeting for RE100 member companies. In the last few years, RE100 has grown not only in size (to over 375 members) but also in the scale of its impact – and this was the focus of this year’s forum.

We began with a deep dive into the new RE100 five-year strategy and how it’s been working since its launch 12 months ago. We explored how long-term objectives have translated into significant activity in policy work by Climate Group, international expansion, and team growth – with RE100 now operating in several geographies with offices, hubs and local campaign partners developing in key markets across the globe.

We discussed the impactful policy work taking place across India, South Korea, South Africa and several key markets in Asia, and the important role of RE100 members in this progress. Key prospective countries for the campaign were also introduced, including Argentina and Indonesia. Meanwhile, the recent launch of our Ambition on Renewables in the G20 report, in collaboration with REN21, was celebrated with copies available for members in the room.

Member contributions

Three companies were invited to sit on the RE100 member panel and elaborate on their experiences to date. Gayle Schueller, Senior Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer at 3M, shared key learnings from the company’s own renewable electricity journey. Gayle outlined the biggest upcoming challenges that 3M and others will face in the coming years.

Irene Espinola Campos, Net Zero Carbon Global Director at Grupo Bimbo, emphasised that it’s possible to achieve both impact and cost-effectiveness with your company’s renewable energy procurement strategies. Irene also discussed the importance of showing leadership by sharing best-practice with other organisations.

Andre Fourie, Global Sustainability VP at AB InBev, highlighted another form of leadership in working with suppliers and retailers to increase demand for renewables. After being asked to discuss some of their most challenging geographic markets, all three panellists – along with many audience members – were excited to learn that RE100 is continuously exploring opportunities to expand its impact into priority countries, with a particular upcoming focus on Asia and Latin America.

The session concluded with an opportunity for members to ask questions directly to the RE100 team, and this included explanation of upcoming technical criteria changes, discussion of the RE100 country prioritisation process, and re-emphasis of the key takeaways from the forum for our members – get in touch, get involved and get inspired!

Celebrating the pioneering and ambitious work of our members

For the first time, our Leadership Awards took place in person. Judged by an independent panel of international experts, drawn from across the climate sector, the awards celebrated the pioneering and ambitious work of our members who are transforming the renewable electricity sector.

RE100 Leadership Awards at Climate Week NYC.

We were joined by a live audience of members, businesses, NGOs, and government leaders. The awards were open to all 375+ RE100 members and our winners and shortlisted organisations from around the globe showcased some truly innovative strategies. From new to established members, we are seeing our businesses drive leadership in all forms, no matter their location.

A huge congratulations to RE100 Leadership Awards winners, and all those who entered on some fantastic achievements.

A special thanks to our sponsorship partner Nexans and Nino Cusimano, Senior Corporate VP – Group General Counsel & Secretary General, for introducing the awards.

Get in touch

If you would like to share feedback with us, ask questions, or become more involved in RE100’s work, please get in touch with Natasha Whitham, RE100 Engagement Manager – [email protected], or Dan Radlett, RE100 Engagement Officer – [email protected]