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Proposal on phase out of polluting trucks falls short of what is needed

14 February 2023, 15:52 UTC 2 min read

Commenting on today's European Commission proposal around CO2 phase out dates for heavy trucks, Sandra Roling, Director of Transport, Climate Group, says:

“Today’s European Commission proposal to decarbonise heavy road transport by mandating a 90% CO2 reduction by 2040 is disappointing and doesn’t go far enough. Together with EV100+ member companies, we have called for a full 100% CO2 reduction in Europe’s heaviest, most polluting vehicles by 2035, and today’s proposal falls well short of this. Without a full phase-out, the announcement today leaves needless uncertainty.

“In addition, the interim targets are too low, and start too late. We need to set a clear pace from the outset to create the market dynamics that achieve the target.

“The technology is ready, but now needs to be scaled at speed, supported by clear targets and robust policy frameworks. EV100+ members are ready to lead and are fully committed to completing the decarbonisation of their heavy-duty fleets internationally by no later than 2040 – showing much more ambitious targets are possible than the Commission has set today. Not using the opportunity to match their ambition will ultimately damage the competitiveness of European industries, the health of its people and jeopardise our climate goals.

“We urge the European Parliament and Council to be bolder and strengthen the proposal with a full petrol and diesel phase out date and ambitious, early interim targets in the further process. That would provide a stronger signal to businesses across the EU to invest in rapidly decarbonising the heaviest, most polluting vehicles on the EU’s roads, supporting its climate targets as well as the long-term competitiveness of its industry.”