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Statement on the 2022 US midterm elections

9 November 2022, 21:57 UTC 2 min read

Congratulations to our Under2 Coalition members reelected this week, including our North American co-chair Governor Gavin Newsom, new climate-leading governors, and other leaders-elect who are driving change on climate.

Even with the midterm election results still being finalized, Congress and State leadership across the US must continue to build upon the important action of the past two years of climate policy with renewed momentum. Since 2020, we’ve seen great progress on climate commitments – through investments in sustainable infrastructure, clean energy, and electric vehicles. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Inflation Reduction Act, and executive actions like the Justice40 initiative have provided a bold and prosperous vision for the future of the US economy through climate investment, but we need to continue to drive forward these commitments into action.

At Climate Group, we’re working with government and the private sector to help accelerate implementation of key climate policy to galvanize action across North America’s highest emitting sectors like transport, energy, and the built environment. We know the green economy must become “the” economy with States and businesses as critical partners for the transformation.

Climate Group Executive Director, North America Angela Barranco said: “With the midterm elections coming to a close, climate leaders across the country – new and reelected – now need to focus on turning policy into meaningful climate action at all levels. We need to deepen partnerships across federal agencies, with subnational leaders, and with the private sector to maximize the historic climate investments promised through the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The shared focus on climate action transforming our economy is the only way to assure critical emissions reductions and greater economic and social justice in the US, and State-based and business-led leadership will continue to drive climate action.”