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United States Supreme Court building in Washington, DC

Statement regarding today’s West Virginia v. EPA Supreme Court ruling

30 June 2022, 18:14 UTC 1 min read

Angela Barranco, Executive Director of Climate Group, North America, commented:

“We express deep disappointment in today’s West Virginia v. EPA Supreme Court decision. This ruling unjustifiably restricts the ability of the United States and its regulatory agencies to mitigate carbon emissions.

At this critical juncture, where scientists estimate we have fewer than 10 years to keep global temperature levels below 2 degrees Celsius, this disheartening decision to limit the authority of the EPA at such a critical time will limit our ability to take effective and meaningful climate action with the ambition required.

As Justice Kagan notes in her dissent, “The Court appoints itself, instead of Congress or the expert agency, the decision maker on climate policy.” The future of our environment should not be left in the hands of nine justices but with the experts and scientists like those at EPA to implement effective climate policy, as they have done for the previous 50 years.

While this is a setback for the EPA’s authority and a step in the wrong direction, our work with business and subnational leaders will continue undiminished. As Secretariat of the Under2 Coalition of state and regional governments we will continue to fight for strong leadership at the State level to curtail the rise of carbon emissions and advocate for sound, effective climate policies in the United States and around the world.”