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Synthesis report on the technical dialogue of the first global stocktake

8 September 2023, 15:05 UTC 2 min read

Today the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) published its latest assessment of progress against the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The report highlights that Paris has driven 'near-universal' climate action but that much more is needed now on all fronts to counter the ongoing threats of climate change. It also lays out a number of ways that governments at all levels can respond constructively to the challenges we face.

Responding to the report, Executive Director for Governments and Policy at Climate Group, Champa Patel, said:

"Today’s report spells out the substantial damage being wrought by climate change across the world. But, critically, it also sets out how to address these challenges. Phasing out fossil fuels is an urgent priority, but we also need to transform the systems on which we rely, from transport and industry to infrastructure, nature and waste management. 

“But we can’t make meaningful progress unless all levels of government work together. Subnational governments – states, regions, cities – have a vital role to play in making this change. It’s no longer enough for only national governments to set NDCs. We need a cohesive approach bringing together differing levels of governance to scale up tried and tested solutions while investing in new, innovative technologies.

“In doing so, we cannot lose sight of the struggles of those who are already living on the frontline of climate change – who live through it every day. We need to ensure that adaptation is given the attention and resources it needs. This is a critical decade for humanity and we have no time to lose.”