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Tanvi Singh, RE100 Campaign Manager, UK

3 January 2024, 15:26 UTC 3 min read

*This interview is part of our Climate Group employee interview series where we ask people to share their experience of working at Climate Group and what a regular day looks like in their role.

Why Climate Group?  

Chasing a sense of purpose, my journey at Climate Group stemmed from my intention to pivot to a career in the impact sector. After my time with a high-growth technology driven firm in an account management capacity, followed by a Master’s in Emerging Economies and International Development, I was looking for a role that would give me the opportunity to bring a combination of the two to the table — Climate Group is that for me. 

What does a regular day for you as a Campaign Manager look like?  

I consider myself lucky to have worked with both the Business Actions and Operations teams within Climate Group. In my initial role with the Client Experience team, I led the development and improvement of campaign systems and processes to enhance our member offer and grow our membership base. I'd split my day between familiarising myself with the way things are done across different teams, and seeking out and grasping opportunities to find new ways of doing things. 

Recently, I joined the RE100 team as a Campaign Manager, which introduced me to a new side of our work at Climate Group. The role involves looking after the day-to-day delivery of RE100 campaign activities, assisting in planning the future direction of the campaign, and working closely with our partner organisations in different geographies. The one thing that has remained consistent across both roles is ending every day feeling accomplished!

What do you enjoy most about working at Climate Group?  

The learning curve never plateaus at Climate Group. I find myself learning something new every day — whether it's our stance on global topics such as nuclear energy, or broader skills around relationship building with external stakeholders.

What have you learnt from working at Climate Group?  

Our mission is to drive climate action, fast. In pursuit of this vision, it's easy to forget the value of small wins that get us there. Working at Climate Group, I've learnt to celebrate small wins.

Who or what inspires you in your line of work?  

A Specialist Environment Consultant whose eyes light up talking about Whole Life-Cycle carbon assessments; a Partner in the Sustainability and Climate Finance practice; a youth leader who has been instrumental in discarding 5000+ tonnes of waste from Mumbai’s beaches — I look to and take pride in both my personal and my professional network to inspire me in this line of work.

How do you stay motivated to keep driving climate action, fast?  

Growing up in different parts of India, I've witnessed the country on the frontlines of climate change — watching a thick smog engulf Delhi, experiencing heat wave conditions during the summers with temperatures soaring to 50°C, interviewing climate-stressed farmers in Punjab as part of a study. The need could not be clearer — the time to act is now. It's this recognition that leads to action and keeps me motivated to drive climate action, fast.