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US Climate Action Summit 2024

The US Climate Action Summit: Make It Real

16 January 2024, 21:57 UTC 2 min read

Angela Barranco, Executive Director, North America

US Climate Action Summit - Angela Barranco
Angela Barranco at the US Climate Action Summit 2023

As the global community grapples with the escalating climate crisis, the imperative to address environmental challenges becomes increasingly urgent. 2023 was the hottest year on record and once-in-a-century weather events across the United States and around the world made this crisis even more apparent. This year marks a critical moment in the climate decade. It is essential that we build on the significant progress made in 2023 and capitalize on the momentum of historic opportunities from the Inflation Reduction Act to “Make It Real.” With over $110 billion in new clean energy manufacturing investments already announced since 2022, we’ve made strides in our capacity to fight climate change – but there is more work to be done.  

That is why, now in its fourth year, the US Climate Action Summit is pushing beyond mere commitments and dialogue and moving into substantive dealmaking.  

At the US Climate Action Summit, we’re transforming discussions into tangible actions. Tangible actions like Co-Chair of The Under2 Coalition California passing a first-in-the-nation law on climate-related corporate financial disclosure, as well as facilitating the creation of Climate Action Corps across five new states including Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Utah. Each of these are prime examples of how we can Make It Real by increasing transparency, reducing emissions, and facilitating a just transition to the green economy.  

Taking place April 22-28, 2024, the US Climate Action Summit serves as a pivotal platform where leaders, innovators, and advocates convene to collaborate on critical issues across the climate space. Our flagship event, The Leaders’ Forum on April 24, features a series of sessions for climate leaders. In these sessions, we’ll drive progress by addressing critical issues including industrial decarbonization, the intersection of climate and health, and the funding of climate legislation for communities on the frontline of the crisis.  

Jahi Wise
Jahi Wise speaking at the US Climate Action Summit 2023

Both our Spotlight and Dealmaking Sessions are grounded in the urgent need to translate rhetoric into concrete, measurable outcomes. Access to climate finance and corporate sustainability are facing strong political headwinds in a contentious US election year. These sessions will enable climate leaders to maneuver this complex landscape and break down barriers to make funds and capital feasible and accessible. Attendees will gain invaluable insights from industry experts and senior government officials into cutting-edge climate solutions, policy advancements, and impactful case studies to build a collective sense of responsibility and action towards a net zero future.  

We’re proud to offer the US Climate Action Summit as a vital link in cross-sector collaboration – the chance for corporate frontrunners and political changemakers to become a catalyst for change and come away with feasible, ambitious solutions in the fight against climate change. The ripple effect of these actions will extend far beyond the summit, influencing policies, inspiring innovation, and mobilizing communities. 

Let's make the discussions real, the commitments tangible, and collectively strive towards a better future. "Make It Real" – because the time for action is now.