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US Congress passes the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

8 November 2021, 17:51 GMT 1 min read

November 8, 2021 – Last week, Congress officially passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This bill will invest billions of dollars in critical infrastructure spanning across energy, water, and transportation, including $7.5 billion to build a national network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the US. These investments will help tackle the climate crisis and support marginalized communities that are most impacted by climate change.

Louisa Plotnick, Head of US Programs, Climate Group, said:

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will support the investments needed to ensure infrastructure improvements across the US. We applaud this major step in taking ambitious action on the climate crisis, the creation of good-paying jobs, and supporting a green recovery. We are hopeful to see this bill invest billions of dollars across energy efficiency, public transit, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and climate resiliency and mitigation.

While this bill is a major win, it is not enough, and we urge Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act so we can see even greater investments in clean energy, energy efficiency, and electric transportation, and further address climate justice. Together, with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, it will accelerate US action to combat climate change and work towards creating a healthy, prosperous future for all.”