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Alex Ju

A vision for a more responsible digital infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific emerging market

12 November 2021, 14:54 GMT 3 min read

Alex Ju, CEO and Founder, Chindata

Chindata sponsored Climate Week NYC and was headline judge for the RE100 Leadership Awards.

The curtain has now fallen on the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in the beautiful city of Glasgow. As a member of the global community, Chindata Group celebrates being a part of multiple joint initiatives driving the transition to net zero. A significant milestone of our era, this is one more step towards a solution for global warming while securing human development.

Chindata Group is the world's first computing-power-based infrastructure enterprise centered in the Asia-Pacific Emerging Market. In China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, our new infrastructure based on hyperscale computing power is on track towards cluster development and zero-emission. Also, we’re the first RE100 member from the computing-power-based infrastructure industry headquartered in the Asia-Pacific Emerging Market. Chindata has pledged that, by 2040, our new infrastructure based on hyperscale computing power worldwide would be powered 100% by renewable electricity.

The past 6 years since start-up have been witnessing the constant pursuit of our core objective: the universal usage of renewable electricity in computing-power-based infrastructure. By now, Chindata Group has been actively involved in national computing-power-based infrastructure zero-carbon emission schemes. Major projects include direct trading of clean power, innovation in Green Power Utilization Mechanism (GPUM), construction of renewable energy power plants, and the application of the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation Model. In 2020, Chindata Group logged 845,000 tons in carbon reduction through using renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. The same amount of carbon dioxide could be absorbed by planting 450,000 trees every day for a year.

We are pleased to see that at COP26, India committed itself to the global carbon neutrality target for 2070, and Vietnam and Thailand have set carbon neutral targets. The joint appeal for methane emissions reductions have also reached an unprecedented global scale and the global agreement on cutting carbon emissions has been listed among the substantive items on the agenda. All speak volumes for an all-time worldwide agreement on climate change. As we operate on the frontline of emissions reductions in the digital economy, we’re all too aware of our responsibility for a greener future for the planet.

Exchanges with international organisations such as Climate Group help us to better see the potential and responsibilities of the Asia-Pacific Emerging Market for emissions reductions. As an active force in the region, we shall continue to increase our investment and procurement of clean power in layout areas such as East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. We shall keep seeking possibilities in zero-carbon computing-power-based solutions such as Carbon Offsetting, Greenmade cross-region supply chain collaboration, and smart cities as an energy complex- doing our part in promoting carbon neutrality in the Asia-Pacific countries. Meanwhile, we remain motivated in science and technology innovation and energy transition towards zero-carbon emission under the commitment framework and the vision of RE100.

Enterprising in the digital economy, Chindata Group is equally committed to eliminating the digital divide. The digital revolution never ceases to evolve. New technologies such as 5G, ItoA, and AI keep bringing the game to a new level. We strive for a future where the digital economy connects Asia-Pacific countries in the emerging market, a new arena for the rising powers to catch up with the established economic entities. Chindata Group, being a cornerstone enterprise in the digital economy, will continue with our endeavor in the Asia-Pacific emerging market, forging ahead in the era of green development and digital equity.