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US Climate Action Week April 19-23

What happened during US Climate Action Week?

20 April 2021, 0:38 BST 4 min read

Lead up

  • Businesses, universities, hospitals, scientists, activists, and others declared their support for an ambitious NDC, aggregated on the America Is All In website
  • Citigroup commits $1 trillion to sustainable finance by 2030 (April 16)
  • Apple launches a $200 million fund with Conservation International and Goldman Sachs that aims to remove at least 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually from the atmosphere. (April 15)
  • The Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley releases a new report showing that, with the right policy, it is technically and economically feasible for all new car and truck sales to be electric by 2035 (April 15)
  • Chair of C40 unveils 125 more commitments of cities to net-zero by 2050. 700 cities in total are now committed to halving emissions within the next decade and reaching net-zero by 2050 (April 16) 
  • Investors managing $11 trillion have called on the world’s biggest banks to phase out financing of fossil-fuel companies and throw their weight behind the goals of the Paris climate agreement. (April 18)

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