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Chalet Hotels

Chalet Hotels becomes first hospitality company globally to join Climate Group's RE100, EP100 and EV100 initiatives

21 September 2021, 5:47 UTC 3 min read

Chalet Hotels Limited, owner, developer and asset manager of high-end hotels in key metro cities in India, has become the first hospitality company globally to join Climate Group's RE100, EP100 and EV100 initiatives linked to renewable electricity, energy efficiency and electric mobility respectively. The announcement comes during Climate Week NYC 2021, one of the biggest climate summits in the world, showcasing climate action undertaken by leading businesses and governments.

Over 500 companies globally have joined Climate Group's RE100, EP100 and EV100 initiatives. These include over 25 commitments coming from India-headquartered companies.

With the RE100 commitment, all properties under Chalet's portfolio will source 100% renewable energy for their electricity needs by 2031. Non-fuel-based energy sources like solar, wind and hydropower already contribute to 51% or 13270 MWh of Chalet's portfolio power usage. This transition will enable Chalet to reduce its scope two emissions, which currently amount to 10,000+ tCO2, while also reducing dependency on grid electricity, which stands at 26,000+ MWh currently. This saving in grid power is adequate to provide electricity to around 17 Indian rural villages for a year.

By committing to EP100, Chalet has pledged to double its revenue per unit of electricity consumed by 2029, considering the baseline year of 2016, much earlier than the initiative's mandate to double within 25 years.

With the EV100 commitment, 100% of the vehicle fleet deployed across the properties in Chalet's portfolio, used for guest transport, will transition to electric vehicles by 2025. Additionally, all Chalet properties will be equipped with EV charging points accessible to both employees and visitors. With an average footfall of approximately 750,000 per month (during normal times) across hotels and commercial office spaces, this transition will influence and encourage a larger populace to transition to EVs.

Sanjay Sethi, MD and CEO at Chalet Hotels Ltd., said: "We have a firm resolve to run our business in a responsible way, and I am delighted that we are now committed to leading initiatives of Climate Group. This is in line with our overarching vision to create extraordinary shareholder value through enduring experiences for our guests, partners, colleagues and communities. As we move ahead to deliver impactful outcomes on our key focus areas, we stand committed to building a more sustainable ecosystem."

Rajneesh Malhotra, COO at Chalet Hotels Ltd. said: "We are delighted to share that Chalet Hotels has committed to the three leading initiatives from Climate Group, and it doubled our joy to know that we are the first hospitality company globally to do this. As a signatory to these initiatives, we are committed to being an energy-smart company, endeavoring to do 'more-with-less' by improving our energy productivity, sourcing 100% of our power from renewable sources by 2031, along with accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Today's consumers and shareholders prioritise sustainability and choose to partner with brands they believe are doing social or environmental good, and we at Chalet Hotels fit their criteria."

Divya Sharma, India Executive Director at Climate Group said: "We welcome Chalet Hotels to our RE100, EV100 and EP100 initiatives, as it joins a global network of over 500 companies taking action in the Climate Decade. As an early adopter, Chalet Hotels has set an example for other businesses in the country by committing to scale up efforts on renewable energy, electric transport and energy efficiency."

Amongst its other sustainability initiatives, Chalet Hotels is in the process of putting into place measurable benchmarks to monitor its carbon footprint and electricity and water consumption through the deployment of solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation. Hotels in the Chalet portfolio ensure 0% waste-water discharge and are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic and paper. The company has reduced overall energy consumption by investing in energy-efficient devices, automation and the latest technology across its portfolio.