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EV100 Progress and Insights Report 2022

22 March 2022, 10:40 UTC 2 min read

Over the past year, EV100 members have continued to take action towards their commitments, by introducing EVs in new markets, rolling-out charging infrastructure and influencing policy around the world.

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In 2021, we welcomed 31 new members, bringing our total number of EV100 members to 121. Together, our members have transitioned over 40,000 to electric over the past year, operating over 209,000 EVs globally.

The number of vehicles committed to electric
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Not only are members translating commitments into EV deployment, but they are also increasingly helping to influence climate policy. Through our joint letters, our engagement in policy debates and our members sending strong demand signals, EV100 is helping to put EVs at the centre of the climate agenda.

The percentage of EV100 members that believe government policies are crucial in creating systematic change

“Our members are leading the way by showing governments, manufacturers and other businesses globally that the business community is ready for the mass roll out of EVs. We will continue to use our platform to raise the voice of businesses within the political space to remove barriers and enable more businesses to deploy EVs faster” Sandra Roling, Head of Transport at Climate Group

EV100 Infographic

Despite EV100 members’ ambition and action, members have reported that a lack of charging infrastructure, the upfront costs of EVs and the limited variety of vehicles remain significant barriers to transitioning their fleets to electric.

As we approach the fifth anniversary of EV100, the report calls for businesses to continue turning commitments into practical action and for governments to lead from the front. We welcome all fleet operating companies to join EV100 and help push for further progress.


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Date added: 22/03/22

Please note, on page 3 of the report, we estimated that 85,637,124 metric tons CO2E will be saved by 2030. Subsequent analysis has shown that the correct savings figure is 6,787,794 tCO2e Projected Annual Avoided GHG Emissions in 2030 based on the Current Year Fleet. For more information, please see here.