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Shifting systems - Industry: A net zero materials revolution

Report 25 January 2022, 10:53 UTC

Founding members of SteelZero joined experts and industry leaders from across the construction and property sectors, at the Net Zero Materials Revolution roundtable, to reflect on the progress and success of this corporate demand initiative. 

The roundtable aimed to identify which aspects of SteelZero's theory of change could be used to shift the concrete sector onto a net zero path.

Net zero by 2050 for heavy industry must be our end goal, but corporates are demanding a much greater emphasis on solutions available today if they're to deliver more ambitious 2025 and 2030 net zero targets.

Shifting Systems roundtable report

Download the Industry: A net zero materials revolution report

This roundtable aims to: 

  • Convene key stakeholders from across the steel and concrete sectors to create recommendations on accelerating development of low carbon and net zero concrete.
  • Share the emerging cross sector and industry knowledge that is relevant to progress towards net zero steel and concrete.
  • Identify the next steps for steel and concrete demand stakeholders to drive the market shift towards net zero materials.
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Key recommendations

The report lays out the key recommendations and questions raised to support and accelerate the global shift towards the production of net zero concrete which include:

  • Need for a regional approach and localised solutions 
  • Global certification process and standard
  • Universally agreed definition of what net zero concrete is
  • Development of technologies and net zero solutions 
  • International collaboration and transparency