Climate Action at Scale: Aligning corporate and climate interests

A new report by Oliver Wyman and Climate Group

Climate Week NYC
Climate Week NYC


Climate Action at Scale explores in-depth how businesses can move from incremental moves that can be made under “business as usual” to progress at scale. It is a toolkit for companies to move from just reducing emissions to building a business to thrive in a decarbonizing world.

The report, a collaboration with Oliver Wyman, follows two previous reports Getting Real and Getting Going.

Four key messages

Following conversations with over 35 corporate sustainability practitioners and a quantitative survey with over 200 practitioners, Climate Action at Scale identified four key findings:

Aligning corporate and climate interests

You can’t act at scale on climate against your interests. Scale leaders are creating the conditions where corporate and climate interests align.

From reducing to building

You can’t achieve climate action at scale just by reducing. But you can by building.

Business designs that unlock investment

Leaders in climate action at scale are adopting new business designs, using new mindsets to earn new rewards.

Creating the conditions for success

Climate action at scale depends on investors, policymakers and other players, for solutions as well as profitability. Companies can’t do it by themselves, but they can show the way.

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