Climate Group Asia Action Summit

8 June 2023

We’re building on the momentum of Climate Week NYC 2022 and helping power the green industrial revolution.

For the first time, we’re bringing our action summit series to Asia on 8 June in Singapore as part of our global roadmap to Climate Week NYC.

Register here to attend virtually. In-person attendance is strictly invite-only.

Climate Group Asia Action Summit

What is the Climate Group Asia Action Summit?

We’re convening our powerful networks in the fastest growing economic region on earth to ask: how can Asia become the green economic powerhouse of the future?

We’ll be focusing on two of the region’s biggest decarbonisation opportunities: the industrial and clean energy transitions.  

We're uniting regional leaders from across our Under2 Coalition and business members affiliated with our renewable energy and green steel initiatives. They'll meaningfully engage on challenges, discuss opportunities for collaboration and identify the pathways for bolder climate action in the industry and energy systems.

Read the agendas:

​​​​​​​Join us in our mission to drive climate action. Fast.

What's the event format?

Our program consists of two core morning streams, an afternoon of plenary spotlight sessions and an evening drinks reception.


SteelZero Summit

09:00 – 13:10

The Summit will convene SteelZero’s global members in the dominant steelmaking region of Asia, identifying the most pressing challenges in building policies and technologies to support steel decarbonisation. 

Read the agenda: SteelZero Summit

Green Energy Forum

09:00 – 13:10

The forum will explore energy decarbonisation strategies in the region, looking at the promising progress that’s being made, and the common barriers that still need to be overcome before clean energy transition goals can be met.

Read the agenda: Green Energy Forum

Spotlight sessions

14:15 – 17:30

The morning program consists of three high-profile plenary discussions focused on different approaches to decarbonising energy and heavy industry in Asia. We’ll welcome expert speakers from the business, policy and civil society spheres to identify the opportunities as well as the challenges.

Read the agenda: Spotlight Sessions


17:30 – 19:30

We'll bring our attendees back together for drinks and networking. We'll raise a glass to celebrate recent climate action and to debate the next steps needed to progress commitments and collaboration.

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How can I participate?

This year there are two ways to join the conversation and help drive climate action:

  • Tune in virtually for the main event, open to all - register here.
  • Limited capacity in-person closed door sessions - by invitation only.

How do I register to attend in-person?

In-person attendance is strictly by invitation only. Priority will be given to climate leaders implementing action and key decision makers.

Get in touch if you've received your invitation and are having trouble registering.

The registration form doesn't recognise my email address. What should I do?

Firstly, check that the email address you're trying to register with is the same one that the invitation was sent to. If the email address we sent the invitation to is incorrect, or if you're unsure what email address to use, please contact us. If you haven't been sent an invitation, you can apply to attend by getting in touch with our Events Team.

How do I register to attend virtually?

All Spotlight sessions will be streamed live, open to all. Register here to attend virtually. 

How can I find out more about sponsorship opportunities?

Contact us if you're interested in sponsoring.

How can I find out more about speaking opportunities?

Submit a speaker request form if you're interested in speaking opportunities.

How can I submit any media enquiries?

Get in touch for any media-related questions.

Where are in-person sessions being held?

Singapore - venue TBC.

Please note: you will not be allowed into the venue unless you've received an in-person registration confirmation via email.

Attend Climate Group Asia Action Summit

Virtual attendance is open for all. 

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